The Laurent and Altieri Story

Laurent Alteri

Laurent & Altieri, LLC was founded in 2016 in New York City. I had always wanted to own my own business and do something that I was very passionate about which was my love for handbags. This was my childhood dream. If only I could bring beautiful and practical handbags to New York women on the go, I could make women feel happier, confident and powerful and they wouldn’t have to travel far to get them. I always had a love for Italian made handbags and so my mission started and I began contacting import companies and Italian business owners that were experts in the handbag leather industry.

But in all honesty, business is in my DNA since I come from a family of business men and entrepreneurs. And so my story begins with my grandfather who came to New York City and established himself as a business man in the food industry. He was loved by his community and people knew him to be this charismatic and caring grocer. But in the year of 1965, my grandfather’s hard work came to a tragic end which ended his life and our family’s heart and soul. At that time, my father had just returned from Vietnam and was compelled to take over the business. And this is where I come into the picture. Years later, I would be working alongside my father, sweeping the grocery store and placing can foods on the shelves.  If I wanted anything, I had to work for it and that’s what my father taught me and instilled in me. And so, my work ethics started at a very young age. Growing up in the South Bronx on 156th street and St. Ann’s Avenue was dangerous, dilapidated and impoverished but I always felt that with hard work, I would be able to rise above all adversity. Believe it or not, growing up in the South Bronx was probably the best thing that ever happened to me because it made me the strong and fierce woman that I am today.

My beliefs and my purpose is to empower women and children to believe in themselves and that all things are possible. And so with Laurent & Altieri, the Journey to become the best version of  oneself continues…. We may be a handbag company but our mission is to be authentic, unique and empowering!

With love and kindness,

Genevieve Laurent, Founder of Laurent & Altieri

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